#PAN 2.0.1 IS HERE!


Due to the closure of App.net, this app is no longer available. *

#PAN (hashpan) is (* was) an iPhone app for the App.net social network

Focussing on media it provides unmatched support for sharing and consuming photos, video and audio. It's an ideal tool for the budding podcaster, filmmaker, photographer or journalist as well as anyone who simply wants to join in with the App.net community. Want to start your own podcast? #PAN has simple tools to record, upload and get started in minutes, right from your phone.

In this eagerly anticipated update, #PAN has a brand new look and a host of improvements and new features.

  • New design and gestures
  • Themes to ease your eyes and match your style
  • New photo editor
  • New audio recorder
  • Simple audio podcasting with iTunes compatible RSS feeds
  • In-timeline multimedia from more providers
  • Share animated gifs saved in your camera roll
  • Share media from other apps which support 'Open in..'
  • Multimedia processing powered by bli.ms
  • Media file storage uses your ADN hosting space
  • Multiple account support and fast switching
  • Log in via App.net Passport
  • Share posts on Facebook
  • Post text drafts
  • Procrastination aids
  • View all your multimedia posts on your personal bli.ms profile page
  • RSS feeds provided for all posts or individual media types

All media shared via #PAN is processed through our sister-site BLI.MS which provides iTunes-compatible feeds for people to subscribe to your podcasts. All users also get their own profile page on BLI.MS, making it easy to scroll through all your previous photos, videos and audio recordings. The media files are stored in the free space you get with your App.net account.

  • Inline embedded multimedia from a variety of popular sources
  • Share photos, video clips or audio recordings
  • Push notifications
  • Creates fully embeddable annotated posts
  • Photo editing
  • Source app filtering
  • Keyboard switching
  • Send to Instapaper
  • Send to Pocket
  • Share posts via email
  • Background uploading
  • Avatar updating
  • Inline animated gifs
  • Auto-embedded content from Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and IMDB urls
  • Search for posts and save your favourite search terms
  • And much more ...

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